Below are some of the great people, places and things I wholeheartedly recommend:

Mountain State Paranormal Investigations is a team from West Virginia that approach research into unusual claims with a healthy amount of skepticism. Their grounded, non cynical approach is refreshing. Their goal is to understand what is happening, no matter what the outcome may be and that his how more teams (in my opinion) should approach this research.

Ashley Knibb
Based in the U.K., I have had many chats with Ashley and it has always been a pleasure. Ashley is one of the more grounded and logical thinkers in the paranormal research community and has a true desire to uncover real answers using proper scientific methodologies. I recommend you check out his site.

The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena
In the modern paranormal community it’s often difficult to find a team of researchers that hits every single mark in terms of grounded, critical thinking professionalism, but ASSAP does this and much more. Every single original article on this teams site is fantastic, education and more than worth taking the time to read. Bravo!

Joe Nickel
One of the most logical minded researchers I’ve encountered.
In contrast to many paranormal proponants who are little more than mystery mongerers, or to some skeptics who call themselves “debunkers,” I hold that mysteries should neither be fostered nor dismissed. Instead, they should be carefully investigated with a view toward solving them. I have spent my life trying to do just that — whether the mysteries were paranormal or historical or forensic or literary or whatever their nature.”

This page is in development and more will be added shortly.


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