The Pot Calling The Kettle Black- The Paranormal Exposer Evan Jensen -Exposed Part 2

Beware of a wolf in Sheep’s clothing. There seems to be a sad pattern of people claiming military honors and a connection with paranormal research. Question everything!

Paranormal Frauds.

Welcome back for part 2 on this matter with Evan Jensen.

First I want to thank all those who have had my back and supported the truth. Who researched , took screen shots, who gave their stories  and the proof to shut down one of the most biggest frauds in the paranormal community. The Self Proclaimed  Paranormal Exposer, Evan Jensen. Without your help, this wouldn’t be happening.  Chances were given to clean up his act and to apologize publicly for his lies and deceit….but he refused  and only escalated as he is so determined to have attention. Well now he will get lots….but not to put him in the positive spot light but the negative backed by truth and proof that he earned. He created this so he could get exposure at any cost to others. So I will give him the exposure by exposing him and the truth. Truth…

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