Scientific Ghosts

Sadly this post (below) is missing out on some fundamental aspects of what true scientific research is really about. A major component needed to prove a concept using the scientific method is demonstrability. A phenomena must be repeatable on demand or repeat with some degree of predictability for it to be a viable area for science to study. Repeat-ability means testability, anything else is purely subjective.

The statement “you can’t ‘mathematically’ prove emotions but they exist.” is incorrect. Emotions are demonstrable, and they CAN be measured and even identified through multiple methods such as chemical measurements, MRI scans, observations of behavior etc. In many cases they can even be predicted. That’s how antidepressant medications and mental health treatment regimes were developed.

Simply because some areas of science seem wild or ‘out there’ in nature does not mean science should, by default, automatically support wild ideas. The unusal things science often presents are theories (not to be confused with hypotheses). The scientific method does not solve “Big Questions” (such as “Do multiple dimensions exist”) directly, instead it answers many smaller questions and their outcomes help to form a theory (kind of like an educated guess). Time travel is a theory that has several observed elements that support the possibility. Most recently research conducted on the Mir Space Station is a good example. An occupant of the station, Sergei Avdeyev (who had been there 747 days) experienced time dilation. He went approximately 27,360 km/h and thus aged roughly 0.02 seconds (20 milliseconds) less than an Earthbound person would have. This along with many other attributes found through research point to a possibility that Time travel is possible.

Multiple dimensions (or Multiverse) is a hypothesis (not a theory) and was brought into a potential research position mainly by those interested in cosmology, astronomy, religion, philosophy, transpersonal psychology, and fiction. It is hotly debated in the true physics world as to whether it’s a valid research pursuit, however, Some physicists do think parallel universes are present in those extra dimensions. This multiverse notion IS testable too. In fact physicists will be looking for evidence of mini black holes when the data produced from the Large Hadron Collider is analyzed. Right now all we have is indirect evidence for things like super-symmetry, but future testing may eventually give us more direct evidence.

Extra-Terrestrial life is hypothesized (not theorized) mainly through mathematical statistics.The apparent size and age of the universe suggests that many technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations “ought” to exist. However, this hypothesis seems inconsistent with the lack of observational evidence to support it. This is known as the Fermi paradox (A conflict between an argument of scale and probability and a lack of evidence.)

Theories developed through scientific research typically contain several testable, repeatable elements that actually support the possibility of the claims made. Sadly the concept of “Ghosts” does not have such a significant foundation. The many claims of “Ghosts” made over the years are not repeatable or predictable and are mainly anecdotal testimony from people who may or may not have misunderstood natural events, hallucinated or even outright lied. The “variable” of human fallibility is too over powering for the mainstream science community to embrace the concept beyond a psychological nature. However, one of the great things about scientific research is its ability to change position when new information is discovered.

Rather than trying to continue to capture useless subjective evidence (i.e. photos, video, and audio – which will never be conclusive) it should be the goal of every paranormal researcher to find patterns of predictability, or a method of inducing phenomena for repeatability and testing. They should openly embrace, publication, third-party peer review and experimentation because only through these methods will their claims be verified and taken as seriously as many feel they should.

Demonstrability will surely change the view point mainstream science.


Why do so many people choose to ignore the existence of ghosts? Especially the ‘scientific’ types. Is it because they can’t mathematically prove it? you can’t ‘mathematically’ prove emotions but they exist.
It’s funny these scientists are the first to believe the possibility of time travel, multiple dimensions, people walking through walls due to quantum mechanics, invisibility, hybrid humanoids and even extraterrestrial life BUT ghosts are out of the question.
Well here’s one nugget that might make them think twice. Metaphysics was the first to explain how the universe has multiple dimensions and that we are multiple-dimensional beings. Also that the basic building block of our worlds are made up of varying vibrations…
Recently a theory has become very popular among the scientific community which is string theory. A theory in which the smallest element of the universe is a vibrating string and these strings make up a multitude of…

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