The New & Improved Paraphysics – 1996

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The etymology of the word Paraphysics is quite interesting as is the history of paraphysics itself. The word seems to have been coined in the late nineteenth century by the German psychiatrist and psychical researcher Baron Albert F. von Schrenck-Notzing, (Beal in Mitchell, p.486) so it dates from the same era as the word parapsychology. But its modern usage is not nearly as wide as the word parapsychology. For example, parapsychology is well defined and can be found in any standard dictionary or encyclopedia. The history of the word parapsychology can be found in many general books on the subject or encyclopedias dedicated to parapsychology and/or the paranormal as well as standard dictionaries and encyclopedias. The popularity of the term parapsychology and its general acceptance as the name of a field of science, although that acceptance has been given begrudgingly by some scientists and other scholars, no doubt stems from the seminal work done by Joseph B. Rhine in the 1930’s and thereafter. Many other scientists have followed the path paved by Rhine and added tremendously to the field.

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