The Role Of Task Complexity in PK – 2006

Research Item – J. E. KENNEDY
(Original publication and copyright: Journal of Parapsychology, 1978,
Volume 42, pages 89-122)

ABSTRACT: The investigation of the role of task complexity is an attempt to understand how information is processed in PK. Various topics that may provide insight into this aspect of PK include: the number of objects influenced simultaneously, the paradoxical hypotheses of majority-vote experiments, the role of ESP in PK, the information contents of differing a prior probabilities, the number of opportunities for PK to operate on a system, and the possible mechanisms for static PK effects. A review of the literature suggests that PK is, at least to some extent, a goal- oriented process, but also that it is limited by the information content of a prior probabilities. Experiments with differing probabilities of a hit and experiments with majority-vote procedures offer the most direct means to empirically investigate models for the information processing aspects of PK.

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