Tectonic Consequences of the Earth’s Rotation – 1979

Research Item – Robert C. Bostrom. Oxford,
UK – Book Review

In the past, analyses have made it seem unlikely that the Earth’s rotation has affected global tectonics. Recent data suggest otherwise. With this statement, albeit, only partly true, Robert Bostrom opens his chapter on Historical Perception, seeking the roots for thoughts about a connection between the Earth’s rotation and global tectonics. Under the reign of plate tectonics, the potential link between the long – term inertial slowing of the Earth and its geological evolution has not been a matter of serious debate. Regardless of this ignorance, the strongly latitude – dependent lunar tidal friction is being assumed currently to be the dominant cause of both secular deceleration of the planet’s spin rate and acceleration of the Moon’s rate of recession. At present, the gravitational influence of the Sun – Moon system on the Earth, having its maximum effects at low latitudes, is relatively significant. However, there is hardly any geological evidence that deep ocean basins existed prior to the middle Mesozoic,some 150 million years ago, probably implying that oceanic tidal slowing of the Earth was not significant in earlier geological times.

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