Book Review – Miracles A Para-scientific Inquiry into Wondrous Phenomena – 2005

Research Item

D. Scott Rogo was one of the few researchers who brought scientific parapsychology to the general public during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Although he was not employed by an academic or research institution, he made a career out of parapsychology, both as a researcher and a journalist. In his short life (1950-1990), he wrote over 26 books on parapsychology and related subjects, as well as publishing full papers in refereed parapsychology journals. The rapid publication of his popular books supported him financially, but writing at a pace of 20 pages a day sometimes led to errors, resulting in opposition, and sometimes outright hostilities, from his colleagues (Hansen, 1991). although his popular books frequently contained far more scholarly references than comparable books of his time, these efforts were not always appreciated by other researchers.


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