Magnetic Variances Associated With ‘Haunt-Type’ Experiences: A Comparison Using Time-Synchronised Baseline Measurements

Research Item – Jason J. Braithwaite Behavioural Brain Sciences Centre, School of Psychology

Recent laboratory studies have revealed that human exposure to low-frequency complex electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can induce strange and exceptional hallucinatory experiences under controlled conditions. A number of field-studies have also shown that reputedly haunted locations can be magnetically distinguished from non-haunted areas in the natural setting. However, none of these studies have employed appropriate time linked baseline measurements taken from haunted and baseline areas simultaneously. This study presents the first magnetic investigation of a reputedly haunted location that employs and formally compares high-speed time-linked magnetic baseline measurements. The results show separate effects of both elevated levels in the ambient spatial magnetic field, and the nature of how magnetic fields vary over time (i.e., their complexity) in areas of interest. The implications of the current findings for the magnetically remarkable nature of reputedly haunted buildings are discussed.


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