About – Electronic Voice Phenomena – EM Transference Hypothesis

EVP has been the most popular aspect of paranormal research for generations.  Unknown voices are recorded in audio equipment without being heard by the operator.  Some believe these are voices of human “spirits” others think they are voices from aliens or other dimensional beings. Some believe they may be voices from our past or telepathic communications. The real source is unknown, but what we know for sure is they are mysterious. The most plausible explanation behind the mechanical process of EVP is what we call the EM Transference Hypothesis.  Anomalous recordings of voices are made  through a process called induction. Electro-magnetic frequencies traveling in the same complex frequency waves as audio create electrical current in the microphones coil or chamber. This sound is then recorded in perfect fidelity on the media and transformed into audible sounds on playback. We are in the process of extensive experimentation and Laboratory equipment development utilizing this presumed EVP physics structure. Our hope is to establish greater understanding of the mysterious sources that produce this phenomena.

Historic supporting research:


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