About – Infra-sound Correlations

Infra-sound is audio frequencies that are too low to be heard by the human ear (<20Hz). In the right situation and at the right frequency/intensity Infra-Sound can cause significant physiological and psychological effects. For example, NASA found that the human eyes resonate (vibrate) at 18.97Hz, The human skin resonates at around 8Hz, a frequency of 12Hz can cause stress or duress etc. Infra-sound has been claimed to cause hallucinations, anxiety, high blood pressure, low heart rate, heating, cooling, fear, paranoia, sleep paralysis, sleep walking and a large host of other biological effects, all while remaining unheard by the human ear. There are also infra-sound effects that can physically interact with our environment. It has been claimed that Infra-sound can blow out candles, close doors, toss items from shelves, move objects and more.  All of these items fit equally into claims of paranormal encounters and so it is our hope to test these effect and search for traces of these low frequencies at alleged active locations.

Historic supporting research:



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