About – ELF Electro-Magnetism & Coil Calculations

One of our main focuses over the past year has been on the development of various coils. This research helps us in a variety of areas as the coils are used for creating EMF Spectro-grams, Recording EVP, Monitoring Earth frequencies (Schumann and Aurora), Detecting Infra-sound, Electro-magnetic Transmission, Botanical environments experimentation, Proximity experiments, Radio broadcast experiments, Energy transfer research and much more. The exciting science behind these amazing devices was aggressively explored by none other than Nikola Tesla himself.  Tesla believed the secrets to the universe rested in frequencies and these coils help explore that concept.  Below are just a few of the coils made over the course of the past 5 years.

  • CAM00094
  • CAM00538
  • CAM00543
  • CAM00563
  • IMG_20140609_163500
  • IMG_20140724_221612
  • 10527796_10203266112726678_507103583090605495_n

    Historic supporting research:

    • Coming soon

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