About – Audible Neurological Reception of Radio Frequencies

Beginning in World War II radar operators made claims of being able to “hear” the microwave emissions from the radar assembly. Research was conducted to confirm their claims and it was discovered that the microwaves affect the inner ear / cochlea through a mechanism called thermo-elastic expansion. The microwaves cause the biological material in the head to quickly expand with each pulse. This pulsing vibration is then channeled (presumably through the bone) and transforms into electrical signals in the cochlea. Over the past few years we have been receiving contact from people who are claiming to “hear” an unknown radio in their home while trying to sleep at night. They can’t seem to find the source and the sound is low and muffled like it’s playing on the other side of a wall. Some feel this is paranormal in nature, but we were able to tie these experiences to nearby A.M. Broadcast towers. We believe the radio phenomena is related to the audible microwave effect. Our hope is to replicate and research.

Historic supporting research:


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