Prove It – Rant Alert

Prove it…So you think you have some incredible ability to communicate with the dead? Great! let’s test it, and document it and study it. Oh wait you don’t want to be tested? You say you “know” that you have this ability and don’t need to prove anything. Besides, you say “science can’t prove this ability”… we’ll neither can you. What reason is there for anyone to believe you other than the fact that they might be gullible and believe anything they’re told? If you don’t question your world you might as well just live in fantasyland. By those rules I could make up anything and you should simply believe me because it’s my word and “science” can’t prove it. Bottom line, if it’s personal and your not willing to prove what you say, keep it to yourself because you just look foolish chatting like an expert with no foundation behind your claims…Enough of this, I have to feed my secret unicorn.


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