Proof of Ghosts?

Trying to prove the existence of a “ghost” using a photograph (or even video or audio) is like trying map the human genome using Google Earth. There is not enough information to EVER be conclusive. It’s this insistence on trying to uncover “proof using multimedia” that has contributed to the pseudo-scientific label “haunting” this field of study. I think the world has been fooled by photographic technology and believes too easily that those “slices” of life taken with a camera don’t lie. Like our eyeballs, cameras are at the mercy of perspective and interpretation. They (like us) are only able to see from one angle at a time and our brains struggle to make sense of randomness and noise (mostly erroneously). It’s a truly poor combination to discover anything really, that’s why it really hasn’t yielded any results so far. My team has some amazing video and audio, and while I personally feel that it’s incredible footage of an unknown phenomena, the rest of the world has zero reason to believe that claim the same as I do. So I would never dare label it as proof. Real answers will come from finding a way to support the “probability” of the existence of such a being. If you can show a concept to be “possible”, you are not far from the finish line.


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