Collateral Damage

The more I research the more I embrace the idea that researchers on a paranormal investigation do far more damage than good. The fallibility of human behavior and thought process are the biggest contaminants to objective research. The human experience is separate from the alleged activity at a property location and both need to be studied separately, efficiently and blindly…otherwise why bother?

Unfortunately, people go hunting for experiences instead of answers and that is the where the disconnect begins. Most investigators sit in the dark at a location and listen / watch for the slightest sign of what ever it is they think might be there and without any willingness to doubt the accuracy of their own senses and logic, they gather pseudo-evidence as easily as gathering berries in the woods. Unsubstantiated, unrealistic and ultimately… unbelievable.

They often don’t realize that even if they did witness something first hand, the experience will always be anecdotal and fairly useless within the confines of scientific method…and it’s within those confines that the rest of the thinking world will take them seriously. Experiences must be repeatable.

There are far more disagreements and integrity objections surrounding human testimony and opinion, than disputes about equipment accuracy.
“IF” something truly does exist at a location, it certainly doesn’t need a researcher there to present itself.

I believe to properly research a phenomena alleged to occur at a LOCATION, it’s necessary to remove the one element that will continually foul things up. The researcher.


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