The Wheeler Approximation

Feeling good about this… L = r^2 * A^2 / (30*A -11 *Di)
A= (Di+N*(w+s))/2 . While messing with the wheeler approximation I may have found a key clue to answering a question I’ve had for quite a while. While lower frequency coil applications benefit from the stability of high perm ferrite and higher frequencies benefit from large air core designs, to be open to proximal stray EM transmissions such as those found in EVP the non linear benefits of an air core design could be very beneficial. The performance of Ferrite at low frequencies needs to encompass some of the performance elements seen with air at higher frequencies. Now to figure out how to possibly combine the two. The juxtaposition of the two elements may represent the mystery barrier between successful, clear EVP capture. Maybe there’s a sweet spot….hmm


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