What is The Pierian Element?

In Greek mythology, the Pierian Spring is a metaphorical source of knowledge supposedly conferring inspiration or learning upon anyone who drank from it. It is with that sentiment in mind that this site presents a collection of research items gathered throughout the years from various sources, including some of my own original research. Here we embrace the Pierian Element… Knowledge.

The main focus of my research resides with claims of unexplained phenomena (paranormal) and fringe sciences. My goal is to develop a greater understanding of the natural world and apply that understanding to the investigation and research of unusual claims. Here you will find a collection of historic and current research, published studies, personal perspectives, hypotheses, theories, experimental equipment and more, all presented for the benefit of potential discovery and understanding.

The presentation of concepts, knowledge and ideas that are represented on this site are free from any personal agenda. My goal is not to specifically prove or disprove a claim, but rather uncover the truth, whatever that may be.

I am adamant about the application of the scientific method in research. I feel a structured, documented systematic method of testing, analysis and peer review is critical to the process of discovery.  The injection of opinion, belief or bias into the research paradigm is detrimental to an honest and impartial outcome.

Please bear in mind, that currently there is no conclusive evidence to support the alleged existence of paranormal phenomena beyond a personal level. Compelling presentations made through video, photos or audio files are purely subjective in nature and personal claims and experiences are anecdotal and subject to perspective and inaccurate representation. Only through repeated demonstrability will a phenomena ever be shown to exist.

History has shown us time and time again that the the fate of the paranormal is scientific discovery. Through proper research the unknown becomes known and through repeat-ability the intangible becomes testable.  We certainly have not uncovered all the mysteries of our world and we may never out live the questions that drive many of us to look deeper than our own perception, but with enough patience, research and willingness to impartially understand the changing world around us, we stand a very good chance of uncovering even the smallest sample of the truth.

~Michael J. Baker